Dedicated To Your Health

Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality of individualized care to each of our patients. Opened in 2000, City Place Surgery Center specializes in outpatient surgical procedures and features four fully-equipped surgical suites outfitted with the most advanced surgical technology. In 2014, St. Louis Spine Surgery Center relocated its operations to City Place Surgery Center.

Our beautiful, 13,900 square foot facility is specially designed for outpatient procedures. The patient-friendly design of our surgical center ensures optimum efficiency and maximum privacy. City Place Surgery Center provides same-day surgeries which is often a cost-saving to patients and insurance carriers. Outpatient surgery requires less time in recovery, allowing patients to return to their families and work schedules more quickly.

Our facility, centrally located in St Louis County, is  AAAHC certified and CMS certified.  City Place Surgery Center was awarded the 2019 Ambulatory Center of Excellent by Value Health. Patients and physicians experience all of this in an environment designed for efficiency, comfort, and privacy. We strive for optimal levels of patient care throughout the pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative periods of a patient’s care.

For Patients

Our patients enjoy the convenience of a centrally located facility with easily accessible parking and a streamlined registration process. City Place Surgery Center provides an inviting and comfortable environment designed for efficiency, comfort, safety, and privacy. Fully-equipped surgical suites feature the latest in surgical technology. The friendly and knowledgeable healthcare professionals at City Place Surgery Center  treat our patients with the utmost care and respect throughout pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative periods of their care. Patient satisfaction is the true measures of our success. Our staff specializes in personalized service to make patients feel at home before, during and after their surgical procedure.

For Physicians

City Place Surgery Center provides an ideal alternative for physicians to perform outpatient procedures. With the most advanced surgical technology and equipment, City Place Surgery Center offers physicians the resources required to perform at optimal levels. Our surgeons benefit from the comfortable surroundings centered on efficient workflow, safety, and patient privacy. With a knowledgeable and experienced staff, our outpatient surgery center provides an excellent experience for its physicians and patients. The efficient, well-managed environment at City Place Surgery Center allows our providers to focus solely on providing exceptional care and service to their patients. Our doctors enjoy a high satisfaction rate which lends to a less stressful setting.

Our Facility

City Place Surgery Center is an ambulataory surgery center (ASC).  Our experienced physicians offer treat many orthopedic and neurological medical treatments.  The staff in our outpatient surgery center is friendly, knowledgeable and care about your comfort.  ASCs are a convenient and less expensive option compared to surgery in a hospital setting.  Our facility is designed for efficiency and safety with a streamlined registration process and maximum privacy for our patients and their loved ones.