These Jobs Get Out of Hand

Hands play a vital part in almost every aspect of life. Lifting, pushing, pulling, and using simple tools are nearly impossible without hands. Hands play an essential role in the workforce. The repetitive use of hands increases the chances of injury. On average, more than 120,000 workers visit emergency rooms for hand injuries. The following jobs are hazardous, with some injuries needing hand surgery for tendon repairs.

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Hours of typing

Some of today’s jobs require several hours of typing behind a computer. These jobs sound safe, but the constant clacking of keys does carry some danger. People who perform data entry, design, research, social media, and other computer-intensive jobs develop carpal tunnel. The median nerve becomes irritated by an inflamed carpal tunnel. Tendonitis and tendon tears are also possible due to wear and tear.

Building breaks down hands

Construction workers, carpenters, HVAC workers, and bricklayers all come together to create buildings. These jobs, while valuable, expose the workers to the risk of hand injuries. Workplace hazards can lead to issues like torn tendons and fractures. In addition, the constant use of tools creates stress injuries over time.

Do you operate heavy machinery?

Some jobs require the constant use of large, heavy machines. Manufacturers, crane operators, and workers who use high-powered tools are common examples. The quick, repeated movement of these machines causes severe stress on tendons and joints. Over time, these jobs can cause repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and damaged tendons. There’s also a higher risk of arthritis, leading to tendon injuries.

The dangers of sanitation

Sanitation workers have precious roles in society, keeping the surroundings clean. Despite the attempts at work safety, there is always the risk of hand injuries. Sanitation workers lift and move thousands of pounds of trash daily without rest. These repetitive movements can easily lead to hand injuries. Sanitation workers are also unaware of the contents of trash. The hands are protected with thick gloves, but one wrong move can lead to serious injury.

Not so sportsmanlike

Most people don’t consider sports a job. However, thousands of professional athletes earn their money through entertainment. These athletes repeatedly throw, catch, push, and strike to perform at the highest level. With professional sports comes the chance of injury, particularly hand injuries. Baseball players, basketball players, boxers, golfers, and lacrosse players have the highest risk.

Turning to surgery

Most hand injuries require rest, bracing, and pain medication. Along with physical therapy, these steps can help workers reduce pain, weakness, and discomfort. Some chronic or severe cases will require surgery. An orthopedic surgeon will use imaging to confirm the next best steps. Tendon repairs may involve cutting away parts of the tendon or stitching together a complete tear. Today’s surgeons use minimally invasive techniques, meaning more minor scars and faster recovery. Workers of these high-risk jobs should not ignore hand pain and discomfort. Acting now improves the chances of a long career.

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