The Rise Of Same-Day Surgical Centers

Surgeries are essential tools that doctors use to diagnose or treat conditions and even save lives. Every year, hospitals perform hundreds of thousands of surgeries. Surprisingly, most of these procedures are elective. Elective surgeries are not emergency cases and can be done at the patient’s convenience. The need for a fast, efficient way to perform these procedures birthed the surgery center. Surgical centers have been around since the 1970s, performing same-day operations. Now, these institutions have risen in number and popularity.

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What are surgical centers?

A surgical or ambulatory surgical center (ASC) performs same-day, minimally invasive procedures. These centers have surgeons and equipment to do a wide range of surgeries without needing to visit a conventional hospital. ASCs perform corrective and diagnostic procedures, including ligament repairs, colonoscopies, plastic surgery, urology procedures, and much more. Any operation that can be performed on an outpatient basis may be offered at a surgical center. Here are 4 more facts about surgical centers that patients should know.

1. Who doesn’t love convenience?

Ever wanted to schedule surgery down to the exact date and time? With conventional hospitals, elective surgeries are constantly rescheduled to accommodate emergencies. This can delay an elective procedure, costing a patient time and money. More importantly, what was once elective surgery may become more severe. With a surgical center, the focus is on elective surgery only. The patient can rest assured with near certainty that the surgery will go ahead as planned.

2. Safety matters

Surgical centers focus on the health and safety of patients. The safety processes ensure that patients have minimal complications and fewer infections. Site infections can happen but are much more frequent in hospitals. Hospitals also have other airborne diseases, posing health risks for patients.

3. Faster, more effective procedures

Same-day surgeries have improved in speed and efficiency thanks to minimally invasive techniques. Surgical centers invest in the latest technology and techniques, like robotic-arm assisted surgery. A surgery that takes several hours with open procedures occurs in significantly less time. With smaller incisions and more precise steps, patients enjoy higher success rates and shorter recovery times. Studies show that ASCs save patients time in operating rooms.

4. Cost savings to patients

Some surgeries cost over $100,000, with the average hospital stay costing over $11,000. These figures increase without insurance. Surgical centers almost always eliminate the need for hospital stays. Additionally, technology allows these facilities to perform more procedures, which drops the overall cost to the patient. Elective surgeries at an ASC can save taxpayers over $15 billion and up to $874 per family yearly.

Enjoy same-day benefits

A surgery center may be the best option if a doctor recommends elective surgery. The patient can save time and money. Best of all, the patient will receive fantastic results due to advanced technology and safety measures. ASCs do not replace surgeries at hospitals as there are still emergency procedures that require long-term stays. However, surgical centers can create happier patients while helping to create a more robust healthcare system.

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