Building Better Bones

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A house is only as strong as the foundation. Bones are the same. Bones protect critical organs, store vital minerals, and help the body move freely. With age, bones become weaker and are more susceptible to breaking. Over 44 million Americans suffer from low bone mass and diseases like osteoporosis, from age 40 onwards. Bone health deteriorates because of a range of reasons, including poor diet, sedentary habits, and wear-and-tear. To build better bones in the 40s, try these 3 helpful health tips.

City place surgery center Its Never Too Late 3 Tips For Building Bone Health In Your 40s

1. Weight lifting for strong bones

A gym session does more than build muscle. Strength training, in particular, can help maintain bone health. By placing stress on bones through weighted exercise, bones react by creating new growth. This increases bone density. More than a third of men and women get little to no activity after age 40. Through strength training, bone health can be maintained or even restored to a similar density of a younger age.

2. Stocking up on supplements

Bones require a daily supply of crucial vitamins and minerals. Magnesium, vitamin D and calcium are 3 minerals essential for bone health. From age 40 and above, men and women lose more and more key minerals. Add a handy supplement that could compensate for that loss. For instance, studies show that magnesium supplementation improves bone density in women. Calcium and vitamin D supplements can make small improvements to bone health. These supplements could be the difference between a nasty fracture or bone disease during old age.

3. Heal bones with lifestyle changes

The stress of the day may call for a smoke break or a drink after work. However, both activities have been proven to deteriorate bone health. Research links cigarette smoking to skeletal diseases like osteoporosis. Chemicals in cigarettes prevent bones from absorbing critical nutrients needed for density. The same can be said for alcohol. There is a relationship between alcoholism, calcium, and vitamin D deficiencies. As mentioned before, both are key for a healthy skeleton. Quitting smoking and excess alcohol can help restore bone health and density.

Powerful bones at any age

From 40 and above, men and women should focus on overall health and wellness. Healthy bones are a critical part of an active, long life. Many middle-aged persons are unaware of deteriorating bone health. During those great 40s is an ideal time to see a doctor about bone health. A doctor can recommend these tips and more to strengthen bones and improve the quality of life.

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